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Holmes Living sell handmade, eclectic, easy to style homewares including cushion covers, macrame plant hangers, handmade plant decor, fabric plant pot covers and natural rope baskets 

Each item is lovingly created by surface designer Emily Holmes in her home studio based in Melbourne. Inspired by her love of textiles, print, pattern and homewares, Emily creates interior accessories that make styling your home simple and effortless.

Buy Unique. Buy Handmade.

The Benefits Of Buying Handmade Home Decor Online

As a designer and lover of various types of craft, I am extremely passionate about the many benefits of buying handmade home decor products. But why are handmade homewares so special and more importantly, why should you invest in handmade homewares from Holmes Living? 

Firstly, handmade homeware products tend to be much more sustainable then if you were to buy mass-produced items. Sure, mass production lowers costs, meaning big retailers can sell their products much cheaper, but at what cost? But it’s often far more environmentally friendly to choose to buy handmade wherever possible. Although some handmade home decor can be more expensive than mass-produced items, it’s important to remember you’re paying for quality. 

The truth is that mass-produced, off the shelf items are not made to last. However, this is where buying handmade home decor online has an advantage. When you buy handmade you are paying for a product that someone has lovingly created. Holmes Living’s handmade homewares are all carefully crafted with the intention that it will be loved for many years to come. 

The beauty of buying handmade homeware is that each and every piece is unique, each piece has character, their imperfections tell a story. Each piece of handmade home decor is an artwork within itself. When buying handmade homeware online, you’re buying the real thing, not a cheaply, mass-produced imitation of the handmade ‘feel’. When buying handmade home decor you’re supporting local makers and designers. When you choose to shop handmade you’re choosing to keep traditional and modern craft skill alive for the next generation of designers and makers. 

Holmes Living’s handmade home decor if all about buying homeware products that have been produced with the skill, time and effort necessary to create high-quality, well-finsished items that you can cherish and call your own.